Monday, December 12, 2016

Neither Clinton nor Trump Belongs in the White House

The media should be talking about redoing certain 2016 US elections and getting rid of candidates linked to fraud in the primaries and general election.

The CIA "story" about Russian involvement is probably spin. If the story were true, would the US declare Hillary Clinton president?

A look at fraud in the primaries hurts the Clinton campaign. Was Hillary Clinton personally involved in the fraud? Working as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did support a coup in Honduras and change election results in Haiti. A reasonable person, therefore, would not assume Clinton loves representative democracy. A reasonable person would suggest an investigation. Hillary Clinton may be innocent of fraud in the primaries, but she is a suspicious character when it comes to "promoting democracy" in other countries.

Was Donald Trump personally involved in election fraud? If he was not, the US must not turn a blind eye to the fraud committed by Republicans in the 2016 elections.

The Republican Party nominee should not win if his party committed fraud. The Democratic Party nominee should not win if her party committed fraud. And both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should be disqualified from the role of President of the United States, if they are personally involved in election fraud.

This crisis of "US democracy" will not be helped by electors changing their votes from Trump to another candidate when the Electoral College meets on December 19.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

USAID Media Coverage of Syria?

According to the article that I just read, SMO Media is an Arabic website that covers the Southern Front, a Western-backed Free Syrian Army group. SMO makes propaganda. Who currently works for SMO? According to his LinkedIn profile, Obayda G. Abu Kweder does. As Media Project Manager, he helps make TV reports for SMO.

His certifications suggest that he has some kind of education, training, or work experience in "Governance and Leadership in Democracies" with USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, from June 2013 to present.

Journalist John Pilger says the stories (propaganda) in the mainstream press coming out of Syria are from a jihadist media center funded by USAID and the British government.

I'd like to know how Obayda's experience with USAID helps him at SMO.


The Washington Post, CIA, and Fraud in the US Elections

Friday I read about the CIA secret assessment in the Washington Post and in the blog The Hill. The assessment, of course, is secret. The government officials in the know in the these articles don't have names. For example, the Washington Post quotes "officials briefed on the matter," "intelligence agencies," "US officials," and, my favorite, "a second senior US official." Real Congresspeople — people with names — request information, specifics, details about the assessment, but the Administration doesn't provide answers.

The story relays that Obama has requested a report from Clapper — "a 'full review' of Russian hacking during the election campaign" (WaPo). Unfortunately, James Clapper is the outgoing Director of National Intelligence who lied to Congress. In other words, not only do the articles provide no evidence of Russian influence in the 2016 elections, but also they let us down with the promise of a dishonest report from Director Clapper. For now, we’re supposed to believe the story because the assessment is from the CIA, letting us in on a secret, by way of a major US newspaper/website, the Washington Post.

Why is this story coming out now, when Jill Stein is trying to get recounts? Stein wants to know if there is evidence of fraud in the US 2016 elections. Bob Fitrakis and Greg Palast believe there has been domestic fraud in the elections since at least 2000. A closer look at the fraud, of course, would undermine the belief that this country is democratic. So instead, the Washington Post and other media, the CIA, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama Administration would have us stare at daily images of Putin.

Did Russian agents come to the US and turn off the audit function of electronic voting machines in Ohio for the 2016 election? I doubt it. Did they instruct poll workers to give independent voters with "no party preference" the provisional ballots — often discarded — instead of Democratic Party ballots, when those Democratic Party ballots were requested, so these independent/NPP voters couldn't vote for Bernie Sanders during the primary in California? This occurred in Santa Rosa and Orange County, without Putin's assistance.

Why reveal another country's involvement in US elections in such a clumsy roundabout non-specific way? If you pay taxes, you should demand better US propaganda against US citizens at home. The domestic propaganda we have now is inept. (It might work, but it is not well done.)